As Vizyon Makina Vinç, we believe that being a follower of technological developments in order to maintain our strong position in the domestic market and to be stronger in the international market, we believe that innovation has a crucial importance in quickly passing on to life. We keep our Arge strategies constantly up to date by monitoring the activities of technology platforms in Europe and in the world.  

We regard our Arge activities as the main pipeline of our production strategies and we are one of the leading companies in Turkey in the production of cranes with innovative and innovative production. Thanks to the lift unit we have developed as a result of Arge activities, we are one of the limited number of actors capable of producing high-capacity crane in Turkey. . 

Vizyon Makina Vinç, one of the biggest producers of Turkey crane market with its powerful and modern integrated production facilities, is giving the hope for strengthening its market position and for new markets with its innovative products that make a difference.

Our main criteria for product development are the development of high quality and innovative technologies, the ability to customize products based on Arge, the development of products suitable for the preferences and habits of different markets, the quality and design of the products . 

We are continuing our way as a company that is committed to providing high quality and innovative products that pioneer the sector with a strong budget that we have invested to develop Arge now.